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Post Production

Post Production Magic Bullet looks used in the colour grade, although I was not a fan of this plug in, I eventually consented to it being used, with the proviso that it would be greatly altered and manually overridden. I also applied a basic colour grade throughout the film in order to try and match … Continue reading


Production This production I shall name “The Curse of the Red Light”¬†from needing to sack actors, loosing their replacements, and compressing what should be a five day shoot into a single day, this production has been fraught with issue after issue. I shall not be focusing on these, I shall be instead focusing on the … Continue reading


Camera Selection When deciding what cameras to use for this project, there were several different cameras we looked at using. The first was the RED ONE, there would have been many advantages to using a RED camera, the first being that as it shoots 4K, there would be many advantages in post production, such as … Continue reading


Years 2012, they year the world ends. Apparently. Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had an amazing christmas, and an even better new year. My 2012 has already been incredibly busy, consisting of script writing, learning yet again more about cameras, and an ever increasing appreciation for light, and funnily enough, I am … Continue reading



The Soho Stories

This post shall not be too geeky, its just going to be an update on my wonderful life for once. It appears to be going well, I am starting to find that in my old age of 20 years I can survive on less sleep than I used to like, and this is rather useful, … Continue reading

The wonderful world of advertising

So here I am again, puffy eyed and tired at lack of sleep. Having worked solidly for day upon day, week after week for almost a term I am a tad shattered, my mind is active from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep thinking almost 100% on film making (every now and … Continue reading

Who We Are

  This is just a brief little story about a documentary I am currently working on. Its based in plumsted, and around a group of women which meet on a weekly basis as a discussion group. The event is hosted between some local parishes, and we was lucky enough to be invited to shoot a … Continue reading

New Idea

So this post is going to be a long one, so if you need to excrete anything, now is the time. Unless you are on a mobile device of course, and then you can multitask. Enough of that. It has been extremely stressful since my last post, the major reason for this is I have … Continue reading